Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Invisible bike helmet

My Facebook news feed keeps showing me some amazing things.  Today was no exception.  One of my friends in Vancouver (a very green friendly city that I had the pleasure to live in for a few years) posted a link about an invisible bike helmet.  Of course, this made me very curious because the photo of the model in the link just had a headband on her head, so I had to check out how this headband could miraculously save a biker's skull in a bike accident.  Boy was I wrong.

I used to cycle to work when I was a student going to my part time job.  I also used to cycle to work every day when I lived in Vancouver as well as in Japan, so I understand the importance of wearing a bike helmet.  I always wear a helmet because I want to protect my skull and brain.  However, some people are willing to go without a helmet because they don't like how it looks or feels.  This invisible helmet is for them.

Please take the time to watch the 3.5 minute video, which features two smart ladies (Anna and Terese) who came up with this brilliant idea (while still in school, no less) as well as at the end a demonstration of how their invisible bike helmet works.

If I still cycled, I would want to purchase one of these amazing invisible bike helmets.  Imagine having an air bag specifically for your head?  A.MA.ZING! ! ! ! 


  1. I used to hate cycling because I had to wear that bulky helmet on my head. Now, with this invisible helmet I think it would be pretty exciting to cycle. Thanks for the information.

    Arnold Brame

    1. I know, isn't it cool? I never had a problem wearing a bike helmet, but I would love to use one of those invisible ones. It's like wearing an air bag on your head. Love it!


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