Saturday, July 20, 2013

My little lamb's July photo session, Part One

Well, I have been pretty busy the last few months with shooting portraits and a wedding as well as the post processing of all said images.  Man, do I miss the easy days of shooting film.  Photographers had much more time to do other work, instead of post processing, like we now do for digital photos.  Anyway, I just shot some photos of my little girl yesterday.  It took me HOURS to do four different setups.

You see, I was given some beautiful hair accessories by an Etsy seller with the purpose to photograph them with a child and then send her the files.  I finally made the time to do the photo shoot using my daughter since it was convenient to do everything at home. 

I gotta say that the last 3-4 months have been very difficult to continue with these monthly shoots of my daughter because she is not interested in having her photos taken.  Given the fact that she is 18.5 months old, she is more interested in running around and exploring than taking posing instructions from mommy.   But it is still my goal to do monthly photo shoots with her until she is at least two years old, so come hell or high water that is what's going to happen.

As you can see, she gave me a run for my money for the first two photo set ups.  The next two were easier when I had my husband help out.  I will be posting those photos next.

I hope that you enjoy these photos of my little girl as much as I do.  All of the pain and agony paid off with some lovely pictures that I can cherish of my daughter AND that Nelli's Bowtique can use for her advertising. 

My saucy little lamb.
This is what I had to deal with during this shoot.  But it's so cute!
See what I mean about being difficult to shoot?
My little lamb feeding a granola bar to her own baby.

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  1. I enjoy seeing all your wonderful ideas!


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