Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Stop Walmart from supporting animal cruelty

I just read an article by the Huffington Post titled, "Walmart: Harms Animals, Ignores Science".  I also saw a video about the gestation crates used on pigs by many pork farms in the US and Canada.  As you can see by this video the pigs are living in filthy, unhealthy conditions.  And the cruelty to the poor piglets!  I was close to tears watching the workers mercilessly cut off the piglets' tails and rip out their innards while removing their testicals.  And then the people bash the piglets against the concrete floor in order to get rid of them when they are sick or dying.  I am in utter shock and disgust by it all.  How can people and businesses be so mean and uncaring?!?!?!?  Do they not have a conscience?!?!?!

I am completely disgusted by the cruelty shown to these poor pigs.  All animals deserve respect, love and dignity in life.  I am just appalled at how awful these people treat these poor animals and I am just as disgusted in Walmart in supporting these kinds of farms.  Shame on Walmart.  I have been banning them for a number of months now and I feel even better in my decision.  I am really coming to realize why my cousin has banned them for years.  Walmart truly is a greedy corporation who only cares about their profits.  So utterly evil and offensive.

Learn how you can end this kind of cruelty by going to the anti Walmart Cruelty website.

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