Friday, January 4, 2013

My Pinterests

For anyone who may have possibly been living under a rock or under the ocean for the past few years, there is a fairly new online phenomenon called Pinterest. It is an online community in which people can pin things that interest them, hence the combination which made the name.

I had heard of Pinterest when it first came out and one of my cousins was constantly bugging me to join. She kept telling me how "addictive" it was, so I actually resisted for a long time because I did not want another online addiction (Hello. Facebook anyone?). But then I decided to open up an account to help my photography business's SEO. For anyone who doesn't understand how Pinterest could help a website's SEO, in layman's terms people are able to pin various things from your website onto their pinterest boards. Then, if others like it too, they can also pin it to their own interest boards and so on and so on. Thus, you can get quite a few back links to your website, thus helping to boost your own website's search engine optimization.

Like I said, I initially opened up my Pinterest account purely for business purposes, but then I quickly became "addicted" too. I like that I have gotten quite a few great ideas for cooking and I have rediscovered avocados and how delicious they are. My two favourite Pinterest discoveries are a grilled avocado, goat cheese & lime sandwich as well as a grilled mozzerella & pestro sandwhich.

I also like that there are tonnes of Halloween, Christmas, Valentine's day ideas as well as many, many, many DIY projects. And they come from so many different websites. I sometimes click to go straight to a website to see what other great things they have on there.

Check it out if anyone is interested in looking at my Pinterest page.

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