Friday, January 18, 2013

Mamma's pretty baby

I just shot these cute shots of my little girl two days ago.  One of my friends posted a link on my Facebook page about a local baby photo contest.  It's a contest for the best baby smiles.  Of course, I just had to add my daughter's photos into the contest because she has the cutest little smile going.  I mean, all you have to do is look at her cute little, chubby face and that sunshine smile of hers that lights up any room.  

I have taken a brief look at the other babies in the contest and in my opinion they have nothing compared to the cuteness that my daughter possesses.  Perhaps I am just talking like a proud mamma (which I am, of course), but I think it's more because Lily is the star wherever she goes.  Maybe it's the red hair (which people complement wherever I take her); maybe it's those pretty eyes of hers (which I am afraid will attract the boys far too soon than I would like).  However, I think it's the whole package: eyes, smile, face, red hair and the fat goodness that makes her all that AND a bag of chips.  

The only way that I think that my daughter will not win is due to a popularity contest.  This is not judged by a panel of judges.  Instead, it will depend on how many votes the winner gets, which will completely depend on how many friends/relatives vote for that particular baby.  So when the voting opens on February 8th, you can bet that I will be pimping my baby's voting link out to anyone and everyone with a computer.  Ha!  Ha!  If my daughter at least makes the top 40, I will be happy.  However, I am counting on her cuteness to bring home the prize.  ($1000)

You can click on her contest link to see the photos that I entered. (They are supposed to be close ups of the face.)

UPDATE:  Lily has made it to the top 40 best baby smiles.  If anyone wants to vote for her, she is #29 on the website link.  Yahoo!!!!!


  1. Your daughter is ADORABLE! Love that smile!
    I bet she melts your heart!
    Blessings to you ~ Mary

    1. Thank you for your kind words about my daughter. She is truly the sunshine in my life. And yes, she melts my heart.


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