Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy Anniversary to Me

Today is my third wedding anniversary with my husband and I am SO happy that I am married to such a wonderful man. We met each other at church. At the time I was the secretary for our church area activities and he used to come to the activities. He was living in Gatineau and going to the French speaking ward (church), while I was living in Ottawa going to an English ward. We would see each other every few months at these church activities. One year later, he finally got enough courage to ask me out on a date. I had no desire to go on a date with him, but surprisingly I said yes. Yves was late in meeting me at the restaurant, and I was ready to leave just before he arrived. But then miraculously we hit it off. The conversation flowed so well all night. There were no awkward silent moments. It was just perfect. And six months later we were married.

I have lived in four provinces and two other countries besides Canada; I have met a lot of people along the way and I can honestly say that I could not find a man more suited to me than Yves if I tried. And the ironic part is that Yves seemed to be the opposite of what I thought I wanted my whole life. My list that I always had was that my future husband would have brown hair, brown eyes, English would be his first language and that he would not have any kids. However, Yves has red hair, blue eyes, French is his first language and he has two sons. I have learned from this experience that you really can’t judge a book by its cover. This is something that I plan on teaching my daughter so that she doesn’t miss out on finding the perfect person to marry.

I am so thankful for Yves, for his kindness and generosity to me. He is smart, and we have the same wacky humour. I mean, who else could I kid about hiding dead bodies in the basement on a third date? I know that he is definitely not perfect, but he is perfect for me. I am proud to call him my husband, my best friend and the father of my child. I love him dearly and always will.

Happy anniversary my love. You are always in my prayers and in my heart.

(Photo Credit: Marco P. Veltri)


  1. LOVE THIS!!! Happy Anniversary to You!!! What a Sweet and Beautiful story! You two were meant to be!!! XO - Beatty (peanut butter hair) : )

    1. Thanks! I also believe that we were meant to be. I couldn't have married anyone more perfect for me than him. :)

  2. So sweet...HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! May God bless you with many more! ;-)


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