Tuesday, December 17, 2013

How to create a smile in Photoshop using the Liquify Tool

I only learned about the liquify tool three years ago and I absolutely LOVE it!  I don't use it very often as I prefer to get it right the first time when I shoot the photo.  However, I find when shooting photos of small children, sometimes they are not in the mood to smile.  However, there is a great little trick that you can use to turn those non-smiles into little smiles.  It works so beautifully.  The trick is to not go overboard.

P.S.  This is also a great tool to slim down a person by removing or lessening various bumps or bulges.

Select the FILTER tab and then scroll down to the LIQUIFY option.

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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

How to make a candy shell cake liner

How to make a candy shell liner for a giant cupcake

I am a photographer and LOVE to photograph cake smashes.  And I LOVE using giant cupcakes as the cake in these photo sessions.  I have a Pinterest board dedicated to cake smash photography in order to get some ideas for myself for decor as well as to give ideas to my clients for colour and how to decorate the cake.  As fun as butter cream is for the top of the cake--because you need the icing to be gooey for great photos--I have also seen smooth looking bottoms of these cakes and wondered how it was done.

Then I found a tutorial through Pinterest on how to make an edible liner for your giant cupcake from The Weekly Sweet Experiment.  Thanks Susan!  I was so happy to find this info and immediately began making plans of how I was going to make a giant cupcake for my daughter's two year cake smash.  Check out the photos from her one year cake smash (I had a bakery make that particular cake).

I went to Bulk Barn and bought baby blue coloured molding wafers.  These are pretty easy to find in any bulk store as well as stores that carry baking supplies.  Wilton also sells bags of the same stuff, labelled "Candy Melts".  And the nice thing is that they come in a whole rainbow of colours, such as red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and pink

I melted 4 cups of wafers (2 cups at a time).  Don't melt the wafers too much so that they're really liquidy because you need them to be able to stick and stay in the places that you want or else they will slide down into a lump.  But don't heat too much or else it will burn.

I used the back of a spoon to spread the stuff on one side (while the pan was on it's side), let it cool a bit (to harden) and then spread some of the other side and let it sit on its side until it hardened.  I then put some on the bottom and let it harden.  After the first coat hardened, I did the exact same thing with the second coat to make it thicker.

What you will need:
  • 4 cups of coloured molding wafers
  • A glass bowl or measuring cup to melt wafers in
  • A Wilton Giant Cupcake pan
You can either microwave the wafers to melt them or you can use the double boiler method.

After you have spread it all around, put it in the fridge for at least 40 minutes (to make it hard) and then it will be easier to remove from the pan without breaking.  Gently turn pan upside down, give a few taps (with your other hand ready to catch it) and the shell should slide out without difficulty (at least it was easy for me).  Good luck!

Check out the rest of the photos of this cake for my daughter's two year cake smash photo session.

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